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Now offering Stretch sessions!

Each session is customized using passive and active stretching techniques depending on your goals and preferences. We can work on specific problem areas, or target certain muscles or muscle groups for various physical activities and sports. Excellent way to restore flexibility after a day on the mountain, a long day trekking, 

or as an add-on session. 

25 minute Stretch  ~  $30 

(add-on only)

This is a basic set of stretches, typically for the person who wants to get a quick pre- or post- event stretch of all the major muscle groups of the spine and lower/upper extremities. 

45 minute Stretch  ~  $50

This session allows for more detailed attention to specific areas and isolates stretches in finer muscles and fascia structures.

60 minute Stretch  ~  $65

Full body session focuses on postural and rehabilitative corrections, deeper stretch holds, and active muscle and patterning release modalities.