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integrative bodywork

The key to a great massage is great communication - being heard by your practitioner. Every body is unique and every massage should be as well; this is the heart of "ananya". You won't find the assembly-line routine common in large resorts where individualized treatment is an up-sell. 

We offer a comprehensive integration of diverse massage and bodywork techniques and practices. It is a unique style of massage that draws from all aspects of bodywork; each session is customized. You may experience of all aspects of bodywork -- advanced sports techniques such as neuromuscular, trigger point, myofascial work integrated with Swedish, shiatsu, Thai massage, Reiki and polarity therapies. 

We also offer individualized stretch-only sessions, reflexology, DoTerra essential oils, 

warm-beach stones, hot towels, high quality organic/hypoallergenic oils/cremes - all complimentary - just ask!

You can visit us at our office, or ask about our 

mobile massage service - great for wedding parties, sports events and stormy days.

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California Massage Therapy Council, Certified Massage Therapist #67697